January 1, 2018

I would like to begin by thanking the Gamble Family for planning and hosting a wonderful Christmas event for Pollard Estates. Our 2nd Annual Christmas Caroling event was a great success and filled with much yuletide joy. Together, we loaded 4 trailers with singing families and entertained the neighborhood for over an hour. Our reward was much laughter, making new friends and some delicious treats (hot chocolate, hot apple cider and pizza)! We hope you all can join us next year and that your holidays have been filled with peace, love and happiness.

January is not only a time for new beginnings, but also a time to reflect upon the past and use that knowledge to build our resolutions. With that in mind, I ask that you each please take a few minutes to complete our first Pollard Estates Resident Survey. This will provide vital feedback for the CAPE Board’s upcoming planning meeting and is the best way to make your voice heard. 

At the last Open Board Meeting, we informed the neighborhood of a new POSSIBLE development on Quail Run that backs up to Dawson’s Creek and Dawson Commons. As we only have second hand information at this time, a letter has been sent to the property owner asking for more details. If / When a response is received, we will update the neighborhood at that time as to if / how any planned developments may affect Pollard Estates. We appreciate your patience as we wait for a response.

We will launch our 2018 Membership Drive in February. Please be on the lookout for updated CAPE Membership information; we will also begin accepting credit cards at that time! I look forward to growing our neighborhood association with your support.

Happy New Year! 

Kelley Stein

December 13, 2017

As the incoming 2018 president of the Civic Association of Pollard Estates, I would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season! I am excited to serve on the Board of Directors in the role of president and look forward to getting to know all of you as well.

I have many personal goals for CAPE that I’d like to accomplish in 2018. However, my role is not only to accomplish my goals, but to accomplish yours as well. To that end, please be on the lookout for a neighborhood survey coming from your CAPE board at the beginning of January. We want to hear from you. We want your feedback and ideas. We want to know what you love about Pollard Estates and what you think could improve. We may not be able to deliver everything, but you have my word that every suggestion will be considered by the board and that we will do what we can with the volunteer base and funds we have. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please let me know! You do not have to be on the CAPE board to give back to our neighborhood; there are many fun volunteer opportunities available!

The snow may be melted but I would like to encourage you all to continue the holiday spirit it gave us by joining CAPE for our 2nd annual Christmas caroling event organized by Matt Gamble. The details for the event have been sent to all email addresses on file. Please join me in thanking the Gamble family for opening their home to us and for their efforts in bringing this fun event to our neighborhood!

Thank you all for putting your faith and trust in me as your CAPE president, and thank you to outgoing president, Bridget LaBorde, for her hard work and dedication to Pollard Estates. 

Kelley Stein

This is me with my husband, Nik. Please say hi if you see us around the neighborhood!